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From the Beginning

About us

At Unicuz, we are delighted to cook up a great variety of Southern and Northern elegant Chinese cuisines. La mian culinary dishes and dim sum awaits to titillate your senses!

Our Brand Story

Our brand name ‘Unicuz’ stands for a grand array of cuisine that is uniquely designed and cooked using the freshest ingredients. From the chinese character ‘宏’ which means 'grand' and 'universe', we combine our 'love for great food' ( 'cuisines' ) with the word 'universe'. Hence, the word 'Unicuz' is birthed from these two words: 'Universe' + 'Cuisines' = 'Unicuz'.

As you savour these relishing moments, we will continue to move you with our novel specialty dishes. That’s why we are always cooking up new recipes with a different flavour to amuse your palates!

Delicious Selections



Steamed Dim Sum 点心蒸类


Deep Fried & Baked Dim Sum 点心炸焗类


Hong Kong Noodle 港式面类


La Mian 拉面类


Appetizer 金牌小食


Congee 粥,饭类


Soup 足料汤羹

High Quality

Pork 优质猪肉


Beef 精选牛肉


Poultry 甘榜鲜鸡


Prawns 爽脆大虾


Fish 咸淡鲜鱼


Delights 风味烹调


Vegetables 阳光时菜


Tofu 营养豆腐


Egg 新鲜鸡蛋


Fried Rice 香喷喷米饭


Noodles 镬气粉面


Cold Desserts 冷甜品

Cold Beverages 冻饮料

  • 冻奶茶

    D15per glass|
    Hong Kong style iced tea with milk
  • 冻咖啡

    D16per glass|
    Iced Coffee
  • 自制柠檬茶

    D17per glass|
    Home made iced lemon tea
  • 鲜榨橙汁

    D18per glass|
    Freshly squeezed orange juice
  • 鲜榨酸酐汁

    D19per glass|
    Freshly squeezed lime juice
  • 鲜榨牛油果汁

    D20per glass|
    Fresh Avocado juice
  • 茉莉花绿茶

    D21per can|
    Jasmine green tea
  • 雪碧

    D22per can|
  • 可口可乐

    D23per can|
    Coca cola
  • 无糖可乐

    D24per can|
    Coke Zero
  • 一百加

    D25per can|
    100 Plus
  • 冰糖雪梨

    D26per bottle|
    Honeyed pear drink
  • 茉莉蜜茶

    D27per bottle|
    Honeyed jasmine tea
  • 酸梅汤

    D28per bottle|
    Sour plum drink
  • 虎牌啤酒

    D29per bottle|
    Tiger beer
  • 喜力啤酒

    D30per bottle|
    Heineken beer
  • 黑啤酒

    D31per bottle|
    Guinness stout
  • 青岛啤酒

    D32per bottle|
    Tsing Dao beer

Hot Beverages 热饮料

  • 红玫瑰香片

    D01per person|
    Blend of jasmine tea with rose buds
  • 寿楣杞子茶

    D02per person|
    “sou mei” tea with wolfberry fruits
  • 贡菊普洱茶

    D03per person|
    “pu erh” tea with chrysanthemum
  • 贡菊花茶

    D04per person|
    Chrysanthemum tea
  • 浓缩咖啡

    D05per cup|
  • 美式咖啡

    D06per cup|
  • 普通咖啡

    D07per cup|
    Regular Coffee
  • 卡布奇诺

    D08per cup|
  • 拿铁咖啡

    D09per cup|
    Caffe Latte
  • 白咖啡

    D10per cup|
    Flat White
  • 热牛奶

    D11per cup|
    Hot Milk
  • 红茶

    D12per person|
    Hot english tea
  • 薏米水

    D13per glass|
    Home brewed lemon barley
  • 豆花水

    D14per glass|
    Soya bean milk


Our Services

Savour a wide array of family-friendly favourites including Grilled fish in “Sze Chuan “style and specialities such as the nutritious double-boiled soups, succulent Pork Belly as well as handmade dim sum.

Dine In

Our wide range of contemporary chinese cuisine will satisfy everyone in the family, from the youngest to the most senior.

Private Celebration

Host your next birthday party, Christmas bash, office function, baby shower, and even your wedding get-together here!

Birthday Parties

A stylish chinese restaurant can be an amazing place for hosting a birthday party too! Its a perfect place both for the young and old.


We will be starting our catering services very soon in the near future. Meanwhile, please talk to us to find out more.

Corporate Functions

A perfect venue for business entertainment and all other occasions for corporate meetings over meals.

All Day Breakfast & Tea Break

Enjoy a morning breakfast or an afternoon tea break with our chinese Dim Sum that are freshly handmade everyday.

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